Why NaluCamps?

NaluCamps is a brand of NaluSur that arises from the specialization and more than 12 years of experience organizing summer camps and activities for children.

We are an Active Tourism Company with many and diverse activities in the natural environment, but the programs with children and teenagers are so important and special for us that we have a whole section within our company dedicated to offer the best possible experience in our Camps.

NaluCamps summer camps and school activities programs are unforgettable, full of adventure and active experiences in the natural environment. We specialize in nautical activities for children and teenagers between 7 - 17 years old.

Our activities encourage healthy growth, teamwork, inclusiveness and responsibility in the natural environment.

Equipo feliz NaluCamps

Our mission

Since 2010 we have been offering camp programs and school activities that kids and teens love!

Our mission: To create active programs for children and adolescents to acquire new skills through hands-on discovery of new sports and interaction with the natural environment.

Our values

Families who are part of the NaluCamps community will see these values reflected in both our team and our students.


We do what we love and combine hard work with fun in our daily lives.


Respect is the basis for everything we do and how we relate to others.


It is the invisible layer that surrounds everything we do.


That's what motivates us, we love it when the kids have a good time and so do we!


The natural environment is the best scenario for each participant to assume his or her responsibility and be consistent with it.


Emotional experience is just as important as practical experience, which is why we devote a lot of attention to it.


We love learning, that's why at NaluCamps we value hands-on discovery.


We are aware that challenges help us grow, learn, gain confidence to face new situations.


We like to experiment, take risks and we are brave. We are not afraid to express ourselves and be ourselves.


At NaluCamps we respect and support each other, we work very well together.

Trust and commitment


Since 2010 organizing camps and school activities at the Club Marítimo de Marbella.


The best instructors, charming and experienced who share our values.


Responsibility and respect, passion, curiosity, resilience and courage are the values that define us.


We are committed to the environment and we transmit these values in our camps.

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