Sailing School

SAILING School open during the school year

During the school year we are open at the Sailing School. The dynamics are still to enjoy the most, but with a more sporty approach. Outdoor sports in nature and the sea is the best way to take care of ourselves, have fun and develop attitudes such as respect, effort, self-improvement and companionship.

The first objective of the Sailing School is that once students have discovered sailing thanks to our summer camps, they continue with this sport. Marbella and the Club Marítimo facilities are the perfect place to practice sailing, especially after the summer season when the winds are more steady.

Escuela de vela - Optimists


Campamento de vela platus grupos


Raquero - iniciacion


Laser - camp de vela


The Optimist boats are the small boats you see at the Club, and they are the key vessels for the training of all sailors. There is no Olympic sailing champion in any category who hasn't started here!

The Optimist groups are divided into three categories: C, B, and A.

The initiation category C is where everyone starts, sharing sailing time solo in Optimist boats, as well as moments in Zodiac boats with instructors or in the collective boat known as "Raquero" at the sailing school. This stage is delicate, as we need to support the young sailors to enjoy sailing without fear or pressure, and let them progressively ask for more. This stage can last for 10-12 months, depending on the child's interest and abilities.

At the end of this period, some training sessions focused on racing and competition are introduced. Once the kids show interest in trying out a regatta, the Club provides support. If the team of instructors and parents see that regattas are exciting and motivating, then the aspiring racer will need to acquire their first boat. At RCMM, we have experienced sailors and parents who have gone through all the stages, and we will accompany and advise you throughout the process.

NEW: We have a Racing Team in the Optimist category now. Thanks to the efforts of our students, instructors, parents, and the support of the Marítimo Club, we already have a group of kids who have participated in their first regattas in Andalusia! Many of them have acquired their own boats, and we are sure they will enjoy regattas, competition, and training to the fullest this year.

The A and B groups will be formed with kids who truly consider sailing as their main sport and are part of the Club's Racing Team, enjoying competitions, training, and the Club and team atmosphere that sailing provides.

For teenagers and pre-adolescents, the Laser boats are primarily used. The transition from Optimist to Laser is mainly based on size and weight. Lasers are faster, more technical, and a lot of fun for those who have reached a certain level. Once again, the Club will provide help and advice for those who want to race and compete with their own boat.

In addition, we have racing boats such as the Platús, where crews of children and adolescents learn how to sail in cruising boats, where teamwork is essential.

With this brief description, we want to convey that sailing is one of the most rewarding sports or activities to learn, and it is a skill that, once acquired as a child, will bring enjoyment throughout life, experiencing the freedom that the sea and sailing provide. From the Real Club Marítimo de Marbella and NaluSur, we encourage all of you to let your children take advantage of the privilege of living by the sea and in a unique climate in Europe.

What are we going to do at the Sailing School:


What does it include?

Prices 23/24

Not included: federative licence: monthly – 7€ or annually – 16€

A minimum of 6 is required to form groups.

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