SURF and Paddle Boarding
School in Marbella

SURF and Paddle Boarding school open during the school year

This year we present to you the most complete program we have done so far. Many of the kids want to continue and so do we! It is clearer than ever that outdoor sports in nature and the sea is the best way to take care of ourselves, have fun and develop attitudes such as respect, effort, self-improvement and companionship.

What we are going to do in the Paddle Boarding and SURF School:


What does it include?

Prices 22/23

A minimum of 8 is required to form groups.

Any questions?

Why NaluCamps?


With over a decade of experience in organizing camps and school activities at the esteemed Real Club Marítimo de Marbella.


Our team consists of highly skilled, charismatic, and seasoned instructors who align with our core values.


Putting responsibility and respect at the forefront, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our students.


We uphold a strong commitment to the environment and instill these values throughout all of our activities.